Frequently Asked Questions

What is on-site document shredding?

On-site Document Shredding is a service in which a mobile shredding truck with certified industry-standard shredding capabilities will come to your location and perform secure shredding and/or product destruction services. This will be carried out by a fully trained and qualified shredding driver/operative. Everything is shredded on-site at your premises using mobile shredding trucks giving complete security and peace of mind. On-site shredding ensures that your confidential material is not taken away from your premises leaving your company vulnerable to potential data breaches and subsequent fines and penalties. On-site shredding ensure that you have complete security and compliance with data protection legislation.

How secure is shredding?

Normal home paper shredders are not as secure as our industry-leading shredding equipment. We make sure your documents and data is disposed of by the most secure means that sensitive data demands. Our shredders cross cut shred your documents to a very fine shred size ensuring that your information is totally destroyed and completely unrecoverable. Ripping up documents and/or placing them in a bin, instead of shredding them, leaves your company vulnerable to information being viewed, potential data breaches and the inevitable legal consequences and fines that will come from that process.

What is product destruction?

Product destruction is most commonly used for the destroying of hard drives and other forms of media but it can also involve shredding of uniforms, and destruction of other material deemed confidential. ShredBank has specially designed product destruction mobile shredders to deal with all of your requirements in this area.

How do i destroy a hard drive?

Destroying a hard drive yourself can be messy, unreliable and most of all dangerous. Hard drives can contain many small parts that can cause injury. Also if you do not know how to properly destroy a hard drive the contents may still be readable. A mobile shredding truck with hard drive destruction facilities will destroy hard drives securely and safely.

Is shredding bad for the environment?

Paper shredding is not bad for the environment when you choose ShredBank as we recycle all of our shredded paper into tissue products i.e kitchen rolls etc. All our regular clients receive annual environmental certificates that indicate how many trees the company has saved as a result of using ShredBank.

How much does paper shredding cost?

This does depends on the number of paper documents you wish to have shredded. Please contact us for a quote.

Can I watch my documents being shredded?

Yes, you can. While our shredding truck is at work shredding your documents you are welcome to observe.