Hard Drive and Data Equipment Disposal

in Belfast and Northern Ireland

On site hard drive and data equipment destruction specialists

Our Product and data destruction service, or Hard Drive and Data Equipment Disposal, is the disposal of products such as hard drives or any equipment that may hold data or hold sensitive information that you wish to be destroyed. We can shred hard drives, tapes, mobile phones, video cassettes, and even X-Rays! We have specialised product destruction mobile shredding trucks that can destroy literally tonnes of data that ensure you have complete legal compliance in your data disposal and destruction process.

Some companies might destroy hard drives by wiping or gauging but we believe the only way to do it right on-site is to shred it all completely. We also don’t take the products away from the client’s premises to be shredded – we shred everything at the client’s premises giving you complete security and peace of mind and indeed legal compliance.

If you want a full recycling of your electrical products then other companies are well equipped to provide that service but only ShredBank can destroy your data using state of the art product destruction technology exclusively through on-site methods using our mobile shredding trucks. We will provide the most secure data destruction service that completely destroys your data in a safe, secure and legally compliant way.

All media products go through a certified shredding process in which they become unrecoverable. Our on-site data destruction process ensures the products are completely destroyed and unrecoverable and therefore cannot be used illegally or resold. As mentioned before we will provide a certificate of destruction after each destruction and shred process.

Do you need expert data destruction of your hard drives and other media equipment? Contact us about Hard Drive destruction and Data Equipment Disposal