Residential On-site Shredding

in Belfast and Northern Ireland

ShredBank will accommodate any document and data shredding needs you may have at home by carrying out our excellent and efficient service right at your front door.

..If you have a one-off shredding requirement at your home then ShredBank are the ones to call.

We can shred all your requirements from one box or bag of confidential shredding to literally hundreds of bags or boxes and everything in between! What will take you ten hours to shred in a little home office shredder – we can do in 10 minutes! Our powerful industrial shredders that are built into our truck can shred 1-2 tonnes per hour depending on paper type. Everything is shredded on-site at your home giving you complete security and peace of mind.

We come to your home and shred your documents or data in one of our mobile shredding trucks. You will be given a Certificate of Destruction and Waste Transfer Note, all of which are essential documents for any audits you may have. We will shred paper and other types of media including hard drives, tapes, and mobile phones.

You do not have to waste time taking out staples, treasury tags or even paper clips as our industrial shredders can cope with almost any materials placed in them (within reason). We can shred hard back diaries, old yellow pages, ledgers, manila folders, reports, and other general home office files. Every document, file and even filing box in the home can be completely shredded. Our highly trained operatives will deal with all manual handling of bags/boxes to a mobile shredder, decanting of files (if required), and we can arrive at a date and time that you require.

We shred everything on-site at your premises using our mobile shredding trucks giving you complete security, peace of mind and legal and environmental compliance.

Please give us a call and we will happily come to your premises and shred your confidential material.