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Supporting our community

How do we support our community through our business?

ShredBank’s CSR strategy is to focus on three key areas that are completely aligned with its business strategy: Environmental Responsibility, Economic Development and Awareness of Identity Fraud.

Encouraging environmental responsibility: by recycling paper is one of ShredBank’s key messages to it’s market. Consequently, the company’s CSR strategy is closely aligned with its overall business strategy.   ShredBank has ran annual environmental school competitions to raise awareness of recycling among young people. Hundreds of schools and thousands of pupils participated in these competitions.

ShredBank shreds confidential information and then sends all the shredded material to be recycled into tissue products e.g. toilet roll, kitchen roll etc. Our clients receive an annual environmental certificate indicating how many trees that they have saved as a result of recycling with us.  To-date ShredBank has saved over 200,000 trees as a result of recycling all its shredded material.

ID Fraud: ShredBank runs free shredding events for the general public across Northern Ireland in order to raise awareness of the importance of disposing of confidential information in a secure and environmentally responsible way. This ensures compliance with the latest GDPR legislation and prevents ID Fraud, with all shredded material being recycled.

Raising awareness amongst the public about the importance of destroying information in a secure way through ‘on-site shredding’ is also a key strategy for our business that closely aligns with this CSR initiative. Not only do these Shredathons provide the community with an opportunity to get rid of bags of paper waste from their homes to raise money for charities, but also the shredding of confidential material for the general public helps deal with ID fraud that costs UK economy £193 billion per annum (Experian).

Over the last fifteen years ShredBank have raised over £30,000 overall for Alzheimer’s Research through our monthly Shredathons. These take place on the last Friday at the end of the month at Forestside retail park. To date, over 4,000 members of the general public have attended these free shredding events.

Economic Growth: We have contributed to economic growth through our involvement with the Prince’s Trust that provides employment opportunities to disadvantaged young people. Over the years we have raised £65,000 for Prince’s Trust through business growth seminars targeted to over 2,000 business owners. ShredBank delivered business growth seminars to a range of organisations across Northern Ireland. 

Philip Bain (owner) has delivered business growth and entrepreneur talks to 1000s of business owners, students and entrepreneurs as well as having the privilege of being invited to record a TedTalk leadership speech. Philip also wrote and published three business start-up, growth and leadership books – Start to Grow (top 10 Amazon Best Seller), Start to Lead and Start to Grow…Again. Start to Grow…Again  eBook was given away free for six months during COVID in order to help the business community (2,900 eBooks downloaded to date).