Security – Speed – Standardisation

Why use a mobile on-site shredding company?


ShredBank only shreds your confidential information on-site at your premises using our mobile shredding trucks.

This gives you complete security and peace of mind knowing that your documents are securely destroyed before we leave your premises. We never take your information away from your location to be shredded later on at a different location. We think there is too much that can go wrong with this type of shredding process. With taking information away to be shredded, there is always the potential for information getting lost in transit, information is viewed and handled by too many people in the destruction process, and also the fundamental issue that your documents will be driving around the country for a day with you still retaining liability for the information with absolutely no control of it until it is shredded.


An office shredder can take 10 hours to shred 10 boxes of information, ShredBank can do it in 10 minutes! Our mobile shredding trucks are the latest in mobile shredding technology and we boast one of the largest fleets of mobile shredding trucks amongst independent mobile shredding companies in both Ireland and the UK. To shred 100 boxes is time-consuming and costly taking up valuable time of your staff that could best be used more productively and profitably. The options you have available to shred information is to put it in the bin (there is the potential of breaching GDPR legislation in terms of secure disposal), put it through a shredder (it will take up a lot of time), give it to a company to take it away (see the section above on security), or use a company like ShredBank. We will shred vast amounts of information in record time, shredding literally tonnes of paper per hour.


Typically everyone in an office environment has different ways of dealing with document disposal. Some people will place confidential documents into an office bin after ripping it up. Other people will go through the time-consuming process of putting some documents through an office shredder. Other people in the office will hold onto the information and not destroy anything and thereby taking up a lot of space over time and not destroying information required by GDPR legislation. With all of these different methods of dealing with information for disposal, ShredBank standardises how offices deal with their confidential waste. We provide locked and secure “Paper Banks” that contains a bag and have a post box slit for putting documents through. Everyone in the office will place all confidential documents in the Paper Banks from junk mail to highly sensitive information – everything can go in. Then, on a regular basis, one of our operatives will arrive, take the bag of confidential waste out of the Paper Bank and place an empty bag in. The secure bag of confidential information is then brought to the mobile shredding truck and everything is shredded onsite giving complete security and peace of mind.