Paper shredding is generally considered a safe method for destroying documents that contain sensitive or personal information. When paper is shredded, it is cut into small pieces that are much harder to read or reconstruct than if the document were simply torn or cut into larger pieces. This makes it much more difficult for someone to retrieve the information contained in the documents.

There are different levels of shredding that can be used, depending on the level of security needed. For example, some shredders can shred paper into tiny particles, while others only cut the paper into larger strips. It is also important to consider how the shredded paper is disposed of. Some shredding companies will recycle the shreds, while others will securely transport the shreds to a landfill.

In general, shredding is a safe and effective way to destroy sensitive documents, as long as the shredder is in good working condition and the shreds are disposed of properly.